nominative (adj.)

late 14c., nominatif, "pertaining to the grammatical case dealing with the subject of a verb," from Old French nominatif, from Latin nominativus "pertaining to naming, serving to name" (in casus nominativus), from nominat-, past-participle stem of nominare "to name, call by name, give a name to," from nomen "name" (see name (n.)). As a noun, "the nominative case" (1610s); "a nominative word" (1660s).

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Definitions of nominative from WordNet
nominative (adj.)
serving as or indicating the subject of a verb and words identified with the subject of a copular verb;
predicate nominative
nominative noun endings
nominative (adj.)
named; bearing the name of a specific person;
nominative shares of stock
Synonyms: nominal
nominative (adj.)
appointed by nomination;
Synonyms: nominated
nominative (n.)
the category of nouns serving as the grammatical subject of a verb;
Synonyms: nominative case / subject case