naughty (adj.)

late 14c., nowghty, noughti "needy, having nothing," also "evil, immoral, corrupt, unclean," from nought, naught "evil, an evil act; nothingness; a trifle; insignificant person; the number zero" (from Old English nawiht "nothing;" see naught)) + -y (2).

Specific meaning "sexually promiscuous" is from 1869. The mitigated sense of "disobedient, bad in conduct or speech, improper, mischievous" (especially of the delinquencies of children) is attested from 1630s. Related: Naughtily; naughtiness. In 16c.-18c. a woman of bad character might be called a naughty pack (also sometimes used of men and later of children).

updated on April 18, 2019

Definitions of naughty from WordNet

naughty (adj.)
suggestive of sexual impropriety;
a naughty wink
naughty words
Synonyms: blue / gamy / gamey / juicy / racy / risque / spicy
naughty (adj.)
badly behaved;
a naughty boy
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