nasal (adj.)

early 15c., nasale, "of or pertaining to the nose or nostrils," from Medieval Latin, from Latin nasus "nose, the nose, sense of smell," from PIE root *nas- "nose."

Of speech sounds, "uttered with resonance in the nose," attested from 1660s. As a noun, "letter or sound uttered through or partly through the nose," from 1660s. Earlier noun senses were "medicinal fluid for the nose" (early 15c.) and "part of a helmet which protects the nose and adjacent parts" (nasel, c. 1300). Related: Nasalization.

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Definitions of nasal from WordNet
nasal (n.)
a consonant produced through the nose with the mouth closed;
Synonyms: nasal consonant
nasal (n.)
an elongated rectangular bone that forms the bridge of the nose;
Synonyms: nasal bone / os nasale
nasal (adj.)
of or in or relating to the nose;
nasal passages
Synonyms: rhinal
nasal (adj.)
sounding as if the nose were pinched;
a whining nasal voice
Synonyms: adenoidal / pinched