Words related to nano-


child's word for "grandmother" or, sometimes, "nurse," 1844 (see nanny).

nanogram (n.)

"one-billionth of a gram," 1951, from nano- + gram.

nanometer (n.)

also nanometre, "one-billionth of a meter," 1963, from nano- + meter (n.2).

nanosecond (n.)

"one-billionth of a second," 1959, from nano- + second (n.).

nanotechnology (n.)

loosely, "study and application of extremely small things" in many scientific fields, by 1974 (but not widely used before 1990s), from nano- + technology. Often applied to manipulation of individual atoms and molecules, and sometimes given a precise range (up to 100 nanometers), but the sense of nano- here seems best explained as "very small."