Words related to mitre


1877, "a Russian commune or village," also (with capital M-) the name of a late 20c. space station, Russian, literally "peace, world," also "village, community," from Old Church Slavonic miru "peace," from Proto-Slavic *miru "commune, joy, peace" ("possibly borrowed from Iranian" [Watkins]), from PIE root *mei- (4) "to bind, tie" (see mitre). Old Church Slavonic miru was "used in Christian terminology as a collective 'community of peace' " [Buck], translating Greek kosmos. Hence, "the known world, mankind."

miter (n.1)

in reference to a type of head-dress, an alternative spelling of mitre (see -re).

miter (n.2)

in carpentry, "a joint at a 45 degree angle," 1670s, of uncertain origin, perhaps from mitre, via notion of joining of the two peaks of the folded cap. As a verb, to make or join with a miter-joint," from 1731. Related: Mitered. Miter-box is attested from 1670s.

mitral (adj.)

c. 1600, "resembling a mitre, of or pertaining to a mitre," from French mitral, from Modern Latin mitralis, from Latin mitra (see mitre). The mitral valve of the heart is so called from 1705, from Modern Latin mitrales valvulae.