Words related to manipulate

manipulation (n.)
Origin and meaning of manipulation

by 1730, a method of digging ore, from French manipulation, from manipule "handful" (a pharmacists' measure), from Latin manipulus "handful, sheaf, bundle," from manus "hand" (from PIE root *man- (2) "hand") + root of plere "to fill" (from PIE root *pele- (1) "to fill"). Sense of "skillful handling of objects" is attested by 1826; extended 1828 to "handling or managing of persons," especially to one's own advantage.

manipulable (adj.)

"capable of being manipulated," 1859, from manipulate + -able. Related: Manipulability. Manipulatable is attested by 1900.

manipulative (adj.)

1816, in literal sense "of or pertaining to physical manipulation," from manipulate + -ive. In the sense of "tending to manage by mental influence," especially for one's own purposes, by 1909. Related: Manipulatively; manipulativeness.

manipulator (n.)

"one who manipulates" in any sense, 1804, agent noun from manipulate, perhaps on model of French manipulateur (1783). Related: Manipulatory.