Words related to lullaby

lull (v.)
early 14c., lullen "to calm or hush to sleep," probably imitative of lu-lu sound used to lull a child to sleep (compare Swedish lulla "to hum a lullaby," German lullen "to rock," Sanskrit lolati "moves to and fro," Middle Dutch lollen "to mutter"). Figurative use from 1570s; specifically "to quiet (suspicion) so as to delude into a sense of security" is from c. 1600. Related: Lulled; lulling.
bye (interj.)
1709, shortened form of good-bye. Also compare lullaby. Reduplication bye-bye is recorded from 1736; as a sound used to lull a child to sleep it is attested from c. 1500.
hushaby (interj.)
1796, from hush (v.) + ending as in lullaby.

phrase in nursery rhyme sleeping-songs, by 1805; see rock (v.1).  Compare lullaby.