loot (n.)

"goods taken from an enemy, etc.," 1802 (in Charles James's "Military Dictionary," London, which defines it as "Indian term for plunder or pillage"), Anglo-Indian, from Hindi lut, from Sanskrit loptram, lotram "booty, stolen property," from PIE *roup-tro-, from root *reup- "to snatch" (see rip (v.)).

LOOTICS, Ind. A term in India to express a body of irregular horsemen, who plunder and lay waste the country, and harrass the enemy in their march. They may be compared to the Hulans of Europe and other free-booters.
LOOTY WALLOW, Ind. A term of the same import as Lootics.
[James, "Military Dictionary"]

loot (v.)

"to plunder; carry off as loot," 1821, from loot (n.). Related: Looted; looting.

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Definitions of loot from WordNet
loot (v.)
take illegally; of intellectual property;
Synonyms: plunder
loot (v.)
steal goods; take as spoils;
During the earthquake people looted the stores that were deserted by their owners
Synonyms: plunder / despoil / reave / strip / rifle / ransack / pillage / foray
loot (n.)
goods or money obtained illegally;
Synonyms: booty / pillage / plunder / prize / swag / dirty money
loot (n.)
informal terms for money;
Synonyms: boodle / bread / cabbage / clams / dinero / dough / gelt / kale / lettuce / lolly / lucre / moolah / pelf / scratch / shekels / simoleons / sugar / wampum