long-distance (adj.)

1878, in reference to telephoning (1876 of railway fares and traffic), from long (adj.) + distance (n.).

Lieut. G.R.R. Savage, R.E., writing from Roorkee, North-West Provinces, India, sends us an account of some interesting experiments he has been making on long-distance telephones. He constructed telephones expressly for long-distance work, and succeeded in getting a bugle-call heard distinctly over 400 miles of Government telegraph line .... ["Nature," May 16, 1878]

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Definitions of long-distance from WordNet

long-distance (adj.)
of or relating to or being a long-distance telephone call;
a long-distance call
a long-distance transmission line
a long-distance operator
long-distance (adj.)
covering a long distance;
she ran off with a long-distance truck driver
a long-distance runner
a long-distance freight train