lively (adj.)

Old English liflic "living, existing," literally "life-like;" from life + -ly (2). The main modern sense of "active, energetic" developed by early 13c., from notion "full of life." For "full of life, vigorous," Old English had liffæst. The adverb is Old English liflice "vitally," from the adjective. Related: Liveliness.

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Definitions of lively from WordNet

lively (adj.)
full of life and energy;
a lively discussion
lively and attractive parents
a lively party
lively (adj.)
full of zest or vigor;
Synonyms: racy
lively (adj.)
quick and energetic;
a lively gait
Synonyms: alert / brisk / merry / rattling / snappy / spanking / zippy
lively (adj.)
filled with events or activity;
a lively period in history
lively (adj.)
full of spirit; full of life;
this whole lively world
Synonyms: vital
lively (adj.)
elastic; rebounds readily;
a lively tennis ball
Synonyms: bouncy / live / resilient / springy