Words related to liter

Libra (n.)
zodiac constellation represented by a pair of scales, late Old English, from Latin libra "a balance, pair of scales," also "pound (unit of weight)," from Proto-Italic *leithra- "pound." De Vaan compares Greek litra "name of a Sicilian coin," which "was probably borrowed from an Italic language at the stage containing [-thr-]."

Not a separate constellation in ancient Greece, where it was khelae, "the claws" of adjacent Skorpios. Nativized in Old Norse as skala-merki. Meaning "person born under the sign of Libra" is from 1894. Related: Libral; Libran.
centiliter (n.)

also centilitre, metric liquid measure, "one hundredth of a liter," 1801, from French centilitre; see centi- + liter.

kiloliter (n.)
1810, from French kilolitre; see kilo- + liter.
litre (n.)
chiefly British English spelling of liter; for spelling, see -re.
milliliter (n.)

also millilitre, "one-thousandth part of a liter," 1802, from French millilitre; see milli- + liter.