Words related to lesbian

lesbianism (n.)
1870, from lesbian (adj.) + -ism. See also tribadism.
by 1940, colloquial shortening of lesbian.
also les; by 1929, colloquial shortening of lesbian, with altered spelling to reflect pronunciation.
Sapphic (adj.)

c. 1500, "of or pertaining to Sappho or her poems," especially in reference to her characteristic meter, from French saphique, from Latin Sapphicus, from Greek Sapphikos "of Sappho," in reference to Sapphō, Greek lyric poetess of the isle of Lesbos who flourished c. 600 B.C.E. and was famed for the passion and loveliness of her verse, which survives mostly in fragments. The sense of "pertaining to sexual relations between women" is from 1890s (also see Sapphism, and compare lesbian).