Words related to larva

Lares (n.)

Roman tutelary gods and household deities, worshipped in primitive cult rites, Latin, plural of Lar, a word of unknown origin. Infernal, protective of the state and the family, they could be potently evil if offended. Their shrine in the home was a lararium.

larvae (n.)

plural of larva (q.v.).

larval (adj.)

1650s, "pertaining to ghosts," from Latin larvalis, from larva (see larva). Zoological sense, "pertaining to a larva," is from 1848. In recent times, larvate (adj.) has been used for "masked, clothed as if with a mask" (1846).


word-forming element in zoology, from combining form of larva (q.v.).

larvivorous (adj.)

"feeding on grubs and caterpillars," 1863; see larva + -vorous.