Words related to jog

jogging (n.)
1560s, verbal noun from jog (v.). In the running exercise sense, from 1948. As an adjective by 1971.
jiggle (v.)
1836, from jig (v.) "move up and down or to and fro" (c. 1600, from jig (v.) but perhaps influenced by jog) + -le, which here could be either diminutive or frequentative. Related: Jiggled; jiggling. As a noun, from 1840.
jogger (n.)
c. 1700, "one who walks heavily and slowly," also "one who gives a sudden slight push;" agent noun from jog (v.). Running exercise sense is from 1968.
joggle (v.)
1510s, "to shake slightly, jostle," apparently a frequentative of jog (v.), though attested earlier than it. As a noun from 1727. Related: Joggled; joggling. Carpentry and masonry sense "fit together with notches and projections" is from 1703, of unknown origin; also as a noun "a notch in a piece into which is fitted the projection of another piece; hence joggle-post, etc.
jog-trot (adj.)
1766, "monotonous, hum-drum," from earlier noun meaning "slow, easy motion on horseback" (18c.), also job-trot, jock-trot; see jog (v.) + trot (n.).