Words related to iso-

isotherm (n.)
"line connecting points on the earth having the same mean temperature," 1850, from French isotherme (von Humboldt, 1817), from Greek isos "equal, identical" (see iso-) + therme "heat" (see thermal (adj.)).
isotonic (adj.)
"having or indicating equal tones," 1776, from Greek isotonos "of level pitch; equally stretched," from iso- "equal, identical" (see iso-) + tonos "tone," from PIE root *ten- "to stretch."
isotope (n.)
1913, literally "having the same place," from Greek isos "equal" (see iso-) + topos "place" (see topos); so called because, despite having different atomic weights, the various forms of an element occupy the same place on the periodic table. Introduced by British chemist Frederick Soddy (1877-1956) on suggestion of his friend, the Scottish writer and doctor Margaret Todd (c. 1859-1918). Related: Isotopic.
isotropic (adj.)
"having the same properties in all directions," 1856, from iso- + -tropic, from Greek tropikos "belonging to a turning," from tropos "a turning, way, manner," from trepein "to turn" (from PIE root *trep- "to turn"). Isotropous is from 1859.

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