intangible (adj.)

1630s, "incapable of being touched," from French intangible (c. 1500) or directly from Medieval Latin intangibilis, from in- "not" (see in- (1)) + Late Latin tangibilis "that may be touched" (see tangible). Figurative sense of "that cannot be grasped by the mind" is from 1880. Noun meaning "anything intangible" is from 1909. Related: Intangibly.

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Definitions of intangible from WordNet
intangible (adj.)
(of especially business assets) not having physical substance or intrinsic productive value;
intangible assets such as good will
intangible (adj.)
incapable of being perceived by the senses especially the sense of touch; "the intangible constituent of energy"- James Jeans;
Synonyms: impalpable
intangible (adj.)
hard to pin down or identify;
an intangible feeling of impending disaster
intangible (adj.)
lacking substance or reality; incapable of being touched or seen;
that intangible thing--the soul
Synonyms: nonphysical
intangible (n.)
assets that are saleable though not material or physical;
Synonyms: intangible asset