Words related to infralapsarian

infra (adv.)
"under, below, further on," from Latin infra "below, under, beneath" (see infra-). A Latin word sometimes encountered in footnotes.
lapse (n.)

mid-15c., "elapsing of time, expiration;" also "temporary forfeiture of a legal right" due to some failure or non-action by the holder, from Old French laps "lapse," from Latin lapsus "a slipping and falling, a landslide; flight (of time); falling into error," from labi "to glide, slip, slide, sink, fall; decline, go to ruin," which is of unknown etymology.

Meaning "moral transgression, sin" is from c. 1500; that of "slip of the memory" is 1520s; that of "a falling away from one's faith" is from 1650s.

unitarian (n.)
1680s, "one who rejects the doctrine of the Trinity," from Modern Latin unitarius (1650s), from Latin unitas (see unity) + -ian. Applied to Muslims and other non-Christian monotheists, but especially (and with a capital -u-) of a Christian body originally founded upon the doctrine of unipersonality. The American Unitarian Association formed in 1825. As an adjective from 1680s.
supralapsarian (adj.)
1630s, with -ian + supralapsary, from supra- + Latin lapsus (see lapse (n.)). The opposite of infralapsarian.