Words related to imagine


Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to copy." 

It forms all or part of: emulate; emulation; emulous;  image; imaginary; imagination; imaginative; imagine; imago; imitable; imitate; imitative; imitator; inimitable.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Latin imago "image," aemulus "emulous," imitari "to copy, portray, imitate;" Hittite himma- "imitation, substitute."

imaginable (adj.)
late 14c., ymaginable, from Old French imaginable and directly from Late Latin imaginabilis, from Latin imaginari "picture to oneself" (see imagine). Related: Imaginably.
imaginary (adj.)
"not real, existing only in fancy," late 14c., ymaginaire, from imagine + -ary; or else from Late Latin imaginarius "seeming, fancied," also literal, "pertaining to an image," from Latin imaginari "picture to oneself." Imaginary friend (one who does not exist) attested by 1789.
imaginative (adj.)
late 14c., ymaginatyf, "pertaining to imagination; forming images, given to imagining," from Old French imaginatif and directly from Medieval Latin imaginativus, from imaginat-, stem of Latin imaginari "picture to oneself" (see imagine). Meaning "resulting from imagination" is from 1829. Related: Imaginatively; imaginativeness.