Words related to hypso-


Proto-Indo-European root meaning "under," also "up from under," hence "over."

It forms all or part of: above; assume; Aufklarung; eave; eavesdropper; hyphen; hypo-; hypochondria; hypocrisy; hypotenuse; hypothalamus; hypothesis; hypsi-; hypso-; opal; open; oft; often; resuscitate; somber; souffle; source; soutane; souvenir; sub-; subject; sublime; subpoena; substance; subterfuge; subtle; suburb; succeed; succinct; succor; succubus; succumb; sudden; suffer; sufficient; suffix; suffrage; suggestion; summon; supine; supple; supply; support; suppose; surge; suspect; suspend; sustain; up; up-; Upanishad; uproar; valet; varlet; vassal.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit upa "near, under, up to, on," Greek hypo "under," Latin sub "under, below," Gothic iup, Old Norse, Old English upp "up, upward," Hittite up-zi "rises."


word-forming element meaning "high, on high, lofty," from Greek hypsi (adv.) "aloft, on high," related to hypsos "height" (see hypso-).

hypsography (n.)

"the study of comparative altitudes," 1885; see hypso- + -graphy. Related: Hypsographic (1848), of contour maps; earlier in French and German.

hypsometry (n.)

"the measuring of altitudes," 1560s; see hypso- + -metry "a measuring of."