hypnotic (adj.)

1620s, of drugs, "inducing sleep," from French hypnotique (16c.) "inclined to sleep, soporific," from Late Latin hypnoticus, from Greek hypnotikos "inclined to sleep, putting to sleep, sleepy," from hypnoun "put to sleep," from hypnos "sleep" (from PIE root *swep- "to sleep"). Modern sense of "pertaining to an induced trance" first recorded in English 1843, along with hypnotize, hypnotism, hypnotist, in the works of hypnotism pioneer Dr. James Braid. Related: Hypnotical; hypnotically.

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Definitions of hypnotic from WordNet
hypnotic (adj.)
of or relating to hypnosis;
hypnotic (adj.)
attracting and holding interest as if by a spell;
read the bedtime story in a hypnotic voice
Synonyms: mesmeric / mesmerizing / spellbinding
hypnotic (n.)
a drug that induces sleep;
Synonyms: soporific