Words related to house

malthouse (n.)

"building in which malt is made," late Old English mealthus; see malt (n.) + house (n.).

meeting-house (n.)

"house of worship," also meetinghouse, 1630s, from meeting (n.) + house (n.).

outhouse (n.)

early 14c., "shed, outbuilding, small house or building separate from the main house," from out- + house (n.). Sense of "a privy" (principally American English) is attested by 1819.

pilot-house (n.)

"enclosed place on the deck of a ship which shelters the steering-gear and the pilot," by 1846, from pilot (n.) + house (n.).

playhouse (n.)

"theater, house appropriated to dramatic performances," late Old English pleghus; see play (n.) + house (n.).

poorhouse (n.)

"establishment in which persons receiving public charity are lodged and cared for," 1781, from poor (n.) + house (n.). Poor-farm "farm maintained at public expense for the housing and support of paupers" is by 1834, American English.

porter-house (n.)

also porterhouse, "restaurant or chophouse where porter, ale, and other malt liquors are sold or served," 1754, from porter (n.3) + house (n.). Porterhouse steak, consisting of a choice cut of beef between the sirloin and the tenderloin (1841) is said to be from a particular establishment in New York City.

power-house (n.)

also powerhouse, 1873, "building where power is generated (by steam, electricity, etc.) to drive machinery," from power (n.) + house (n.). Figurative sense "source of energy or inspiration" is by 1913.

Rathaus (n.)

German town hall, 1610s, from German Rathaus, literally "council house," from Rat "council" (from Proto-Germanic *redaz, from suffixed form of PIE root *re- "to reason, count") + Haus "house" (see house (n.)).

roadhouse (n.)

"inn by a roadside," 1857, later "place for refreshment and entertainment along a road" (1922), from road (n.) + house (n.).

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