Words related to historic

historical (adj.)
early 15c., "of or pertaining to history, conveying information from the past," with -al (1) + Latin historicus "of history, historical," from Greek historikos "historical; of or for inquiry," from historia (see history). For sense differentiation, see historic. Meaning "narrated or mentioned in history" (as opposed to what is fiction or legend) is from 1843. Related: Historically.
ahistoric (adj.)
"not historical, lacking in historical background or justification," 1911, from a- (2) "not" + historic.
historicism (n.)
1856, translating German historismus (by 1835), from historic + -ism. Given various senses 20c. in theology, philosophy, architecture, etc.
compound adjectival word-forming element, usually interchangeable with -ic but sometimes with specialized sense (such as historic/historical, politic/political), Middle English, from Late Latin -icalis, from Latin -icus + -alis (see -al (1)). Probably it was needed because the forms in -ic often took on a noun sense (for example physic). Forms in -ical tend to be attested earlier in English than their twins in -ic.
prehistoric (adj.)

also pre-historic, "of or pertaining to times before recorded history, existing in or relating to time antecedent to the beginning of recorded history," 1851, perhaps modeled on French préhistorique; see pre- + historic. Related: Prehistorical.