Words related to harsh

card (v.2)

"to comb wool," late 14c., from card (n.2) or else from Old French carder, from Old Provençal cardar "to card," from Vulgar Latin *caritare, from Latin carrere "to clean or comb with a card," perhaps from PIE root *kars- "to scrape" (see harsh). Related: Carded; carding.

cardoon (n.)

"artichoke-like plant of the Mediterranean lands," 1610s, from French cardon, from Provençal cardon, properly "thistle," from Late Latin cardonem (nominative cardo) "thistle," related to Latin carduus "thistle, artichoke," which is perhaps from PIE root *kars- "to scrape, scratch" (see harsh (adj.)).

harshly (adv.)

late 14c., from harsh (adj.) + -ly (2).

harshness (n.)

late 14c., from harsh (adj.) + -ness.