gloomy (adj.)

1580s, probably from gloom (n.) even though that word is not attested as early as this one. Shakespeare used it of woods, Marlowe of persons. Gloomy Gus has been used in a general sense of "sullen person" since 1902, the name of a pessimistic and defeatist newspaper comics character introduced about that time by U.S. illustrator Frederick Burr Opper. Related: Gloomily; gloominess.

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Definitions of gloomy from WordNet

gloomy (adj.)
filled with melancholy and despondency;
gloomy predictions
a gloomy silence
gloomy at the thought of what he had to face
Synonyms: grim / blue / depressed / dispirited / down / downcast / downhearted / down in the mouth / low / low-spirited
gloomy (adj.)
depressingly dark;
the gloomy forest
Synonyms: glooming / gloomful / sulky
gloomy (adj.)
causing dejection;
a dark gloomy day
Synonyms: blue / dark / dingy / disconsolate / dismal / grim / sorry / drab / drear / dreary