Words related to gland

glanders (n.)
"horse disease characterized by glandular swelling," early 15c., from Old French glandres "swollen glands," plural of glandre "gland," from Latin glandula (see gland).
glandular (adj.)
1740, from French glandulaire, from glandule "small gland" (16c.), from Latin glandula (see gland). Earlier was glandelous (late 14c.), from Latin glandulosus.
glans (n.)
head of the penis or clitoris, 1640s, from Latin glans "acorn," also used of acorn-shaped things (see gland).
prostaglandin (n.)

substance found in seminal fluid, 1936, from German (1935); see prostate + gland + chemical suffix -in (2).