Words related to glacial


Proto-Indo-European root meaning "cold; to freeze." 

It forms all or part of: chill; cold; congeal; cool; gel; gelatine; gelatinous; gelato; gelid; glace; glacial; glaciate; glaciation; glacier; glaciology; glacis; jell; jelly.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Latin gelare "to freeze," gelu "frost," glacies "ice;" Old English cald "cold, cool," German kalt.

glance (v.)
mid-15c., of weapons, "strike obliquely without giving full impact," a nasalized form of glacen "to graze, strike a glancing blow" (c. 1300), from Old French glacier "to slip, make slippery" (compare Old French glaciere "part of a knight's armor meant to deflect blows"), from glace "ice" (see glacial). Sense of "look quickly" (first recorded 1580s) probably was by influence of Middle English glenten "look askance" (see glint (v.)), which also could account for the -n-. Related: Glanced; glancing.
interglacial (adj.)
1867 in reference to warm spells between ice ages, from German, coined 1865 by Swiss naturalist Oswald Heer (1809-1883); see inter- "between" + glacial. The word was used earlier in reference to situations between glaciers or ice caps (1835).
post-glacial (adj.)

"subsequent to the Ice Age," 1855, from post- + glacial.

preglacial (adj.)

also pre-glacial, "prior to the Ice Ages," 1853, from pre- + glacial.