gimp (n.1)

1925, "a crippled leg," also "a crippled person" (1929), perhaps by association with limp, or a corruption of gammy (see game (adj.)).

gimp (n.2)

also gymp, ornamental material for trimming dresses, furniture, etc., 1660s, probably from French guimpe, Old French guimple "wimple, headdress, veil" (12c.), from Frankish *wimpil- or some other Germanic source (compare Old High German wimpal, and see wimple).

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Definitions of gimp
gimp (v.)
walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury;
Synonyms: limp / hobble / hitch
gimp (n.)
disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet;
Synonyms: lameness / limping / gimpiness / gameness / claudication