fresh (adj.1)

c. 1200, fresh, also fersh, "unsalted; pure; sweet; eager;" the modern form is a metathesis of Old English fersc, of water, "not salt, unsalted," itself transposed from Proto-Germanic *friskaz (source also of Old Frisian fersk, Middle Dutch versch, Dutch vers, Old High German frisc, German frisch "fresh"). Probably cognate with Old Church Slavonic presinu "fresh," Lithuanian preskas "sweet."

Sense of "new, recent" is from c. 1300; that of "not stale or worn" is from early 14c.; of memories from mid-14c. The metathesis, and the expanded Middle English senses of "new," "pure," "eager" probably are by influence of (or from) Old French fres (fem. fresche; Modern French frais "fresh, cool"), which is from Proto-Germanic *frisko-, and thus related to the English word. The Germanic root also is the source of Italian and Spanish fresco. Related: Freshly. Fresh pursuit in law is pursuit of the wrong-doer while the crime is fresh.

fresh (adj.2)

"impudent, presumptuous," or as Century Dictionary puts it, "verdant and conceited," 1848, U.S. slang, probably from German frech "insolent, cheeky," from Old High German freh "covetous," related to Old English frec "greedy, bold" (see freak (n.2)).

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Definitions of fresh from WordNet
fresh (adj.)
recently made, produced, or harvested;
fresh bread
a fresh scent
fresh lettuce
fresh (adj.)
(of a cycle) beginning or occurring again;
fresh ideas
a fresh start
fresh (adj.)
imparting vitality and energy;
Synonyms: bracing / brisk / refreshing / refreshful / tonic
fresh (adj.)
original and of a kind not seen before;
Synonyms: new / novel
fresh (adj.)
not canned or otherwise preserved;
fresh vegetables
fresh (adj.)
not containing or composed of salt water;
fresh water
Synonyms: sweet
fresh (adj.)
having recently calved and therefore able to give milk;
the cow is fresh
fresh (adj.)
with restored energy;
Synonyms: invigorated / refreshed / reinvigorated
fresh (adj.)
not soured or preserved;
Synonyms: sweet / unfermented
fresh (adj.)
free from impurities;
fresh air
Synonyms: clean
fresh (adj.)
not yet used or soiled;
a fresh shirt
a fresh sheet of paper
Synonyms: unused
fresh (adj.)
improperly forward or bold;
don't be fresh with me
Synonyms: impertinent / impudent / overbold / smart / saucy / sassy / wise
fresh (adv.)
very recently;
we are fresh out of tomatoes
Synonyms: newly / freshly / new
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