fragile (adj.)

1510s, "liable to sin, morally weak;" c. 1600, "liable to break;" a back-formation from fragility, or else from French fragile (Old French fragele, 14c.), from Latin fragilis "easily broken," from root of frangere "to break" (from PIE root *bhreg- "to break"). Transferred sense of "of frail constitution" (of persons) is from 1858.

Origin and meaning of fragile

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Definitions of fragile from WordNet

fragile (adj.)
easily broken or damaged or destroyed;
fragile porcelain plates
fragile old bones
Synonyms: delicate / frail
fragile (adj.)
vulnerably delicate;
she has the fragile beauty of youth
fragile (adj.)
lacking substance or significance;
a fragile claim to fame
Synonyms: flimsy / slight / tenuous / thin