forked (adj.)

c. 1300, "branched or divided in two parts," past-participle adjective from fork (v.). Of roads from 1520s; from 1550s as "pointing more than one way." In 16c.-17c. sometimes with a suggestion of "cuckold," on the notion of "horned." Forked tongue as a figure of duplicitous speech is from 1885, American English. Double tongue in the same sense is from 15c.

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Definitions of forked from WordNet

forked (adj.)
resembling a fork; divided or separated into two branches;
a forked tail
a forked river
forked lightning
Synonyms: bifurcate / biramous / branched / fork-like / forficate / pronged / prongy
forked (adj.)
having two meanings with intent to deceive;
spoke with forked tongue
Synonyms: double
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updated on August 19, 2019