Words related to food

*pā-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to protect, feed."

It forms all or part of: antipasto; appanage; bannock; bezoar; companion; company; feed; fodder; food; forage; foray; foster; fur; furrier; impanate; pabulum; panatela; panic (n.2) "type of grass;" pannier; panocha; pantry; pastern; pastor; pasture; pester; repast; satrap.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Greek pateisthai "to feed;" Latin pabulum "food, fodder," panis "bread," pasci "to feed," pascare "to graze, pasture, feed," pastor "shepherd," literally "feeder;" Avestan pitu- "food;" Old Church Slavonic pasti "feed cattle, pasture;" Russian pishcha "food;" Old English foda, Gothic fodeins "food, nourishment."
fish-food (n.)

 1863, "food for (pet or hobby) fish;" 1860, "fish as food for humans;" from fish (n.) + food

foodie (n.)
"gourmet," 1982, from food + -ie.
foodoholic (n.)
1965, formed irregularly from food + -aholic.
foodstuff (n.)
"substance or material suitable for food," 1870, from food + stuff (n.). Related: Foodstuffs.
seafood (n.)

also sea-food, "food obtained from the sea," 1836, American English, from sea + food.