flight (n.1)

"act of flying," Old English flyht "a flying, act or power of flying," from Proto-Germanic *flukhtiz (source also of Dutch vlucht "flight of birds," Old Norse flugr, Old High German flug, German Flug "flight"), from Proto-Germanic *flugti-, suffixed form of PIE root *pleu- "to flow."

Spelling altered late 14c. from Middle English fliht (see fight (v.)). Sense of "swift motion" is from mid-13c.. Meaning "an instance of flight" is 1785, originally of ballooning. Sense of "a number of things passing through the air together" is from mid-13c. Meaning "series of stairs between landings" is from 1703. Figuratively, "an excursion" of fancy, imagination, etc., from 1660s. Flight-path is from 1908; flight-test (v.) from 1919; flight-simulator from 1947 (originally in rocketry); flight-attendant from 1946.

flight (n.2)

"act of fleeing," c. 1200, flihht, not found in Old English, but presumed to have existed and cognate with Old Saxon fluht, Old Frisian flecht "act of fleeing," Dutch vlucht, Old High German fluht, German Flucht, Old Norse flotti, Gothic þlauhs, from Proto-Germanic *flugti-, suffixed form of PIE root *pleu- "to flow." To put (someone or something) to flight "rout, defeat" is from late 14c., the earlier verb form do o' flight (early 13c.).

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Definitions of flight from WordNet
flight (n.)
a formation of aircraft in flight;
flight (n.)
an instance of traveling by air;
Synonyms: flying
flight (n.)
a stairway (set of steps) between one floor or landing and the next;
Synonyms: flight of stairs / flight of steps
flight (n.)
the act of escaping physically;
his flight was an indication of his guilt
Synonyms: escape
flight (n.)
an air force unit smaller than a squadron;
flight (n.)
passing above and beyond ordinary bounds;
flights of rhetoric
a flight of fancy
flights of imagination
flight (n.)
the path followed by an object moving through space;
Synonyms: trajectory
flight (n.)
a flock of flying birds;
flight (n.)
a scheduled trip by plane between designated airports;
I took the noon flight to Chicago
flight (v.)
shoot a bird in flight;
flight (v.)
fly in a flock;
flighting wild geese
flight (v.)
decorate with feathers;
Synonyms: fledge