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also *pletə-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to spread;" extension of root *pele- (2) "flat; to spread."

It forms all or part of: clan; flan; flat (adj.) "without curvature or projection;" flat (n.) "a story of a house;" flatter (v.); flounder (n.) "flatfish;" implant; piazza; place; plaice; plane; (n.4) type of tree; plant; plantain (n.2); plantar; plantation; plantigrade; plat; plate; plateau; platen; platform; platinum; platitude; Platonic; Plattdeutsch; platter; platypus; plaza; supplant; transplant.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit prathati "spreads out;" Hittite palhi "broad;" Greek platys "broad, flat;" Latin planta "sole of the foot;" Lithuanian platus "broad;" German Fladen "flat cake;" Old Norse flatr "flat;" Old English flet "floor, dwelling;" Old Irish lethan "broad."

flattering (adj.)
late 14c., "pleasing to the imagination; dishonestly pleasing; having a false appearance of favorableness," present-participle adjective from flatter. Meaning "gratifying to self-esteem" is from 1757. Related: Flatteringly.
flatterer (n.)
mid-14c., agent noun from flatter. An old contemptuous term for one was flattercap (1680s). Fem. form flatteress is attested from late 14c.-18c.
flattery (n.)
early 14c., "dishonest praise, coaxing speech," from Old French flaterie "flattery, cajolery" (Modern French flatterie), from flater "to flatter" (see flatter).
unflattering (adj.)
1580s, from un- (1) "not" + gerundive of flatter. Related: Unflatteringly.