Words related to fish

sunfish (n.)

1620s, from sun (n.) + fish (n.). Used of various species, with reference to round shape or brilliant appearance. Short form sunny is attested from 1835.

swordfish (n.)

late 15c., swerdfysche (in a recipe), from sword + fish (n.). So called for its elongated upper jaw.

whitefish (n.)

collective name for cod, haddock, hake, sole, etc., mid-15c., from white (adj.) + fish (n.).

fisher (n.)

Old English fiscere "fisherman; kingfisher," agent noun from fish (v.). It began to be used of certain animals, hence perhaps the rise of the formation fisherman (1520s). Similar formation in Old Saxon fiskari, Old Frisian fisker, Dutch visscher, German Fischer, Old Norse fiskari.

fishery (n.)

"business of fishing," 1670s; "place where fish are caught," 1690s; see fish (v.) + -ery. Related: Fisheries.

overfish (v.)

also over-fish, "to fish too much, so as to unduly diminish the stock or supply of," 1813, from over- + fish (v.). Related: Overfished; overfishing.

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