extraordinary (adj.)

"being beyond or out of the common order or rule; not of the usual, customary, or regular kind," early 15c., from Latin extraordinarius "out of the common order," from extra ordinem "out of order," especially the usual order, from extra "out" (see extra-) + ordinem, accusative of ordo "row, rank, series, arrangement" (see order (n.)).

Of officials, etc., "outside of or in addition to the regular staff," often "temporarily employed for a specific purpose," from 1580s. Also from 1580s in the sense of "remarkable, uncommon, rare, wonderful." Related: Extraordinarily; extraordinariness.

updated on September 20, 2018

Definitions of extraordinary from WordNet

extraordinary (adj.)
(of an official) serving an unusual or special function in addition to those of the regular officials;
an ambassador extraordinary
extraordinary (adj.)
beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable;
an extraordinary achievement
an extraordinary capacity for work
her extraordinary beauty
an extraordinary session of the legislature
enjoyed extraordinary popularity
extraordinary authority
extraordinary (adj.)
far more than usual or expected;
an extraordinary desire for approval
Synonyms: over-the-top / sinful
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