Words related to external

exterior (adj.)

"situated or being outside, pertaining to or connected with that which is outside," 1520s, from Latin exterior "outward, outer, exterior," comparative of exterus "on the outside, outward, outer, of another country, foreign," itself a comparative of ex "out of" (see ex-). As a noun, "outer surface or aspect" from 1590s.

-al (1)
suffix forming adjectives from nouns or other adjectives, "of, like, related to, pertaining to," Middle English -al, -el, from French or directly from Latin -alis (see -al (2)).
extern (n.)

"outsider," c. 1600, from French externe "outer, outward;" as a noun, "a day-scholar," from Latin externus "outside," also used as a noun (see external). As an adjective in English from 1530s.

externality (n.)
1670s, "state of being external," from external + -ity. From 1839 as "that which is external." From 1833 as "undue regard for externals."
externalization (n.)

"act of externalizing; fact of being externalized," 1803; see external + -ization.

externalize (v.)

"to embody in an outward form; convey the quality of external reality upon," 1846, from external + -ize. Related: Externalized; externalizing.

Self-government begins with a reverential recognition of a supreme law: its process is a constant endeavor to render that law objective, real, operative—to externalize it, if we may use the term. [American Review, July, 1846]