Words related to explosive

explosion (n.)
1620s, "action of driving out with violence and noise," from French explosion, from Latin explosionem (nominative explosio) "a driving off by clapping," noun of action from past participle stem of explodere "drive out by clapping" (see explode for origin and sense evolution). Meaning "a going off with violence and noise" is from 1660s. Sense of "a rapid increase or development" is first attested 1953.
word-forming element making adjectives from verbs, meaning "pertaining to, tending to; doing, serving to do," in some cases from Old French -if, but usually directly from Latin adjectival suffix -ivus (source also of Italian and Spanish -ivo). In some words borrowed from French at an early date it has been reduced to -y (as in hasty, tardy).
implosive (adj.)
1876, originally in linguistics, probably from implode on the model of explosive; implosive is attested in French and German from 1860s.
plosive (n.)

"consonantal sound formed by blocking the passage of air and then suddenly releasing it," 1899, from explosive. As an adjective from 1909.