Words related to escalate

escalator (n.)

1900, American English, trade name of an Otis Elevator Co. moving staircase, coined from escalade + -ator in elevator. Figurative use is from 1927 (in advertising).

escalade (n.)

1590s, "action of using ladders to scale the walls of a fortified place," from French escalade (16c.) "an assault with ladders on a fortification," from Italian scalata, fem. past participle of scalare "to climb by means of a ladder," from scala "ladder," related to Latin scandere "to climb" (see scan). For initial e-, see e-. Also in early use in English in Spanish form escalada, later corrupted to escalado. As the name of a brand of luxury SUV by Cadillac, from 1999.

de-escalate (v.)

also deescalate, "reduce the intensity of," 1964, from de- "do the opposite of" + escalate. Related: De-escalated; de-escalating; de-escalation.

escalation (n.)
1938, derived noun from escalate; the figurative sense is earliest, originally in reference to the battleship arms race among global military powers.