epicene (adj.)

"belonging to or including both sexes," mid-15c., epycen, originally a grammatical term for nouns that may denote either gender, from Latin epicoenus "common," from Greek epikoinos "common to many, promiscuous," from epi "on" (see epi-) + koinos "common" (see coeno-). English has no need of it in its grammatical sense. Extended sense of "characteristic of both sexes" first recorded in English c. 1600; that of "effeminate" is from 1630s.

updated on September 02, 2014

Definitions of epicene from WordNet
epicene (adj.)
having an ambiguous sexual identity;
Synonyms: bisexual
epicene (adj.)
having unsuitable feminine qualities;
Synonyms: effeminate / emasculate / cissy / sissified / sissyish / sissy
epicene (n.)
one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs; at birth an unambiguous assignment of male or female cannot be made;
Synonyms: hermaphrodite / intersex / gynandromorph / androgyne / epicene person
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