Words related to eco-

ecology (n.)
Origin and meaning of ecology

1873, oecology, "branch of science dealing with the relationship of living things to their environments," coined in German by German zoologist Ernst Haeckel as Ökologie, from Greek oikos "house, dwelling place, habitation" (from PIE root *weik- (1) "clan") + -logia "study of" (see -logy). In use with reference to anti-pollution activities from 1960s.

ecocentric (adj.)
also eco-centric, by 1975, from eco- + -centric.
ecofriendly (adj.)
also eco-friendly, by 1993, from eco- + friendly.
ecosphere (n.)
region around a star where conditions allow life-bearing planets to exist, 1953; see eco- + sphere. Apparently coined by German-born U.S. physician and space medicine pioneer Hubertus Strughold (1898-1986).
ecosystem (n.)
1935; see eco- + system. Perhaps coined by English ecologist Sir Arthur George Tansley (1871-1955).
ecotourism (n.)
by 1984, from eco- + tourism. Related: Ecotourist.