Words related to dial


Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to shine," in derivatives "sky, heaven, god."

It forms all or part of: adieu; adios; adjourn; Asmodeus; circadian; deific; deify; deism; deity; deodand; deus ex machina; deva; dial; diary; Diana; Dianthus; diet (n.2) "assembly;" Dioscuri; Dis; dismal; diurnal; diva; Dives; divine; joss; journal; journalist; journey; Jove; jovial; Julia; Julius; July; Jupiter; meridian; Midi; per diem; psychedelic; quotidian; sojourn; Tuesday; Zeus.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit deva "god" (literally "shining one"); diva "by day;" Avestan dava- "spirit, demon;" Greek delos "clear;" Latin dies "day," deus "god;" Welsh diw, Breton deiz "day;" Armenian tiw "day;" Lithuanian dievas "god," diena "day;" Old Church Slavonic dini, Polish dzień, Russian den "day;" Old Norse tivar "gods;" Old English Tig, genitive Tiwes, name of a god.

dial-up (adj.)

1961 in reference to a data transmission link via public telephone network, from the verbal phrase; see dial (v.) + up (adv.).

misdial (v.)

"to mistakenly dial a wrong number on a telephone," by 1959; see mis- (1) "badly, wrongly" + dial (v.). Related: Misdialed; misdialing.

redial (v.)

also re-dial, "dial again," 1961, from re- + dial (v.). Related: Redialed; redialing.

dialling (n.)

also dialing, 1560s, "the art of constructing dials," hence "the science of measuring time with a sundial;" verbal noun from dial. Related: Dialist.

moon-dial (n.)

"dial for showing the hours by the light of the moon," 1680s, from moon (n.) + dial (n.).

sundial (n.)
also sun-dial, 1590s, from sun (n.) + dial (n.). Earlier simply dial.