definite (adj.)

c. 1500, "fixed, established; certain, precise;" 1550s, "having fixed limits," from Latin definitus "defined, bounded, limited," past participle of definire "to limit, determine, explain," from de "completely" (see de-) + finire "to bound, limit," from finis "boundary, end" (see finish (v.)). From 1727 in grammar, "defining, limiting." Definite means "defined, clear, precise, unmistakable;" definitive means "having the character of finality." Related: Definiteness.

updated on July 15, 2018

Definitions of definite from WordNet

definite (adj.)
precise; explicit and clearly defined;
a definite statement of the terms of the will
a definite amount
I want a definite answer
a definite drop in attendance
definite restrictions on the sale of alcohol
the wedding date is now definite
definite (adj.)
known for certain;
it is definite that they have won
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