damned (adj.)

late 14c., dampned, "believed to be sentenced to punishment in a future state;" mid-15c., "condemned, judicially sentenced," past-participle adjective from damn (v.). Meaning "hateful, detestable" is from 1560s, hence its use as an objurgation expressing more or less dislike. In literary use printed 18c.-19c. as d____d. As a noun, "those condemned to eternal suffering in Hell," late 14c. Superlative damndest (originally damnedst) "worst one can do" is attested from 1830.

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Definitions of damned from WordNet
damned (adj.)
in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell;
poor damned souls
Synonyms: cursed / doomed / unredeemed / unsaved
damned (adj.)
expletives used informally as intensifiers;
Synonyms: blasted / blame / blamed / blessed / damn / darned / deuced / goddam / goddamn / goddamned / infernal
damned (n.)
people who are condemned to eternal punishment;
he felt he had visited the realm of the damned
damned (adv.)
in a damnable manner;
Synonyms: damnably / cursedly