daily (adj.)

"happening or being every day," mid-15c.; see day + -ly (1). Compare Old English dglic, a form found in compounds: twadglic "happening once in two days," reodglic "happening once in three days." The more usual Old English adjective was dghwamlic (also dgehwelc), which became Middle English daiwhamlich. Cognate with German tglich.

As an adverb, "every day, day by day," early 15c. (the Old English adverb was dghwamlice. As a noun, "a daily newspaper," by 1832.

updated on November 18, 2018

Definitions of daily from WordNet
daily (adv.)
every day; without missing a day;
he stops by daily
daily (adv.)
gradually and progressively;
Synonyms: day by day
daily (adj.)
of or belonging to or occurring every day;
daily routine
a daily paper
Synonyms: day-to-day / day-by-day / day-after-day
daily (adj.)
appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions;
Synonyms: casual / everyday
daily (n.)
a newspaper that is published every day;
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