Words related to cyst

cholecyst (n.)
"gall bladder," 1846, from medical Latin cholecystis, incorrectly formed from Greek khole "gall" (from PIE root *ghel- (2) "to shine," with derivatives denoting "green, yellow," and thus "bile, gall") + kystis "bladder, cyst" (see cyst). Related: Cholecystectomy.
cystectomy (n.)

1883; see cyst + -ectomy "a cutting out."

cystitis (n.)

"inflammation of the bladder," 1774, from cyst + -itis "inflammation."

nematocyst (n.)

"thread cell, lasso cell," such as the stinging organs of jellyfish, 1875, from nemato- + cyst. Related: Nematocystic.

oocyst (n.)

in biology, "sac or pouch serving as a receptacle for eggs," 1875; see oo- "egg" + cyst.