curling (n.)

"action of turning, bending, or forming into ringlets," mid-15c., verbal noun from curl (v.). Curling-iron "rod of iron to be used hot for curling the hair" is from 1630s.

The game played with stones on ice, originally Scottish, is so-called by 1610s, but the sense connection is obscure. "The name appears to describe the motion given to the stone" [OED]. Evidence of the sport dates to the early 16c. in Scotland; written accounts of the game date to the 1540s. A similar game is described from c. 1600 in Flanders.

updated on September 13, 2018

Definitions of curling from WordNet
curling (n.)
a game played on ice in which heavy stones with handles are slid toward a target;
curling (adj.)
(of hair) making curls or having been made to curl;
Synonyms: curled
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