Words related to cranio-

cranium (n.)

the skull of a human being," "early 15c., craneum, from Medieval Latin cranium "skull," from Greek kranion "skull, upper part of the head," related to kara (poetic kras) "head," from PIE root *ker- (1) "horn; head." Strictly, the "brain-box," the bony case which encloses the brain. Englished by Sir Thomas Browne as crany.

craniography (n.)

"a description of skulls," 1855; see cranio- + -graphy. Related: Craniographer; craniographic.

craniometry (n.)

"the measuring of skulls," 1844; see cranio- + -metry. Related: Craniometric; craniometer.

craniotomy (n.)

a cutting open of the skull (especially of a fetal head when it obstructs delivery), 1817, from cranio- "of the skull" + -tomy "a cutting."