Words related to court

courtroom (n.)

"chamber in which a court of law is held," 1670s, from court (n.) + room (n.).

courtship (n.)

1570s, "behavior of a courtier," from court (n.) + -ship. Meaning "the wooing of a woman, attention paid by a man to a woman with intention of winning her affection and ultimately her consent to marriage" is from 1590s. By 1830s it was used of a period during which a couple mutually develops a romantic relationship with a view to marriage.

courtyard (n.)

"enclosure around or adjacent to a house," 1550s, from court (n.) + yard (n.1).

curtilage (n.)

c. 1300, "vegetable garden," from Anglo-French curtilage, Old French courtillage, from Old French cortil "little court, walled garden, yard," from Medieval Latin cortile "court, yard," from Latin cortis (see court (n.)). In later use principally a legal word for "the enclosed land occupied by the dwelling and its yard and out-buildings."

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