Words related to counter-

counter-poison (n.)

also counterpoison, "antidote," 1570s, from counter- + poison (n.).

counterproductive (adj.)

also counter-productive, "having the opposite of the desired effect," 1920, American English, from counter- + productive.


"the resurgence of the Catholic Church from mid-16c. to early 17c. in response to the Protestant Reformation," 1840, from counter- + Reformation.

counter-revolution (n.)

also counterrevolution, "a revolution opposing a preceding one or seeking to reverse its results," 1791, in reference to France, from counter- + revolution. Related: Counter-revolutionary (1793 as an adjective; by 1917 as a noun; the earlier noun was counter-revolutionist, 1791).

countersign (v.)

also counter-sign, "to sign opposite to another signature, sign additionally," 1690s, from French contresigner (15c.); see counter- + sign (v.). Related: Countersigned; countersignature.

counterstroke (n.)

"a blow given in return for one received," 1590s; see counter- + stroke (n.).

counter-tendency (n.)

also countertendency, "natural or prevailing disposition" in some direction, especially opposed to some other tendency, 1849, from counter- + tendency.

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