Words related to counter-

counterculture (n.)

also counter-culture, "way of life or collective values deliberately at variance with the prevailing norms of a time and place," 1968, from counter- + culture (n.). Popularized by, and perhaps coined in, the book "The Making of a Counter Culture" by U.S. academic Theodore Roszak. As an adjective by 1972.

counter-current (n.)

"a current (of any kind) running in an opposite direction to another current," 1680s, from counter- + current (n.).

counterfactual (adj.)

also counter-factual, "expressing a 'what if;' expressing what has not happened but could have," by 1946, from counter- + factual.

counterinsurgency (n.)

"military or other action taken to oppose a revolution or revolt," 1962, from counter- + insurgency.

counterintelligence (n.)

also counter-intelligence, "act of preventing an enemy from obtaining secret information," 1940, from counter- + intelligence.

counterintuitive (adj.)

also counter-intuitive, "contrary to intuition, opposed to what would be expected," 1955, from counter- + intuitive.

countermarch (n.)

"a march back along the same path or in an opposite direction," 1590s, from French contre-marche; see counter- + march (n.1). As a verb from 1640s. Related: Countermarched; countermarching.

countermeasure (n.)

"action taken in response to a danger or threat," 1855, from counter- + measure (n.).

counter-offer (n.)

also counteroffer, "offer made in response to another," 1788, from counter- + offer (n.).

counterpoint (n.3)
Origin and meaning of counterpoint

"the opposite point" (in an argument), 1590s, from counter- + point (n.1). As a verb from 1940s.

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